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Barely surviving in a barrel after passing through a terrible whirlpool at sea, carefree Monkey D. Luffy ends up aboard a ship under attack by fearsome pirates. Despite being a naive-looking teenager, he is not to be underestimated. Unmatched in battle, Luffy is a pirate himself who resolutely pursues the coveted One Piece treasure and the King of the Pirates title that comes with it. The late King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, stirred up the world before his death by disclosing the whereabouts of his hoard of riches and daring everyone to obtain it. Ever since then, countless powerful pirates have sailed dangerous seas for the prized One Piece only to never return. Although Luffy lacks a crew and a proper ship, he is endowed with a superhuman ability and an unbreakable spirit that make him not only a formidable adversary but also an inspiration to many. As he faces numerous challenges with a big smile on his face, Luffy gathers one-of-a-kind companions to join him in his ambitious endeavor, together embracing perils and wonders on their once-in-a-lifetime adventure. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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English: One Piece
Japanese: ONE PIECE
Synonyms: OP
Type: TV
Episodes: null
Status: Airing
Aired: Oct 20, 1999 to ?
Season: fall
Broadcast: Sundays at 09:30 (JST)
Producers: Fuji TV, TAP, Shueisha
Licensors: Funimation, 4Kids Entertainment
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Demographics: Shounen
Duration: 24 min
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 720p, 1080p
Type: Dual Audio, WEB

Encoder's Notes

One Piece has been split across two posts cause of storage issues. This post is supposed to host only batches and old episodes. Recent episodes can be found on the One Piece – Airing post.


Cook, Justin – Producer
Herek, Samantha – Assistant Producer
Fukazawa, Toshinori – Director
Itou, Satoshi – Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: 1: “We Are! (ウィーアー!)” by Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 1-47)
OP2: 2: “Believe” by Folder5 (eps 48-115)
OP3: 3: “Hikari E (ヒカリヘ)” by The Babystars (eps 116-168)
OP4: 4: “Bon Voyage!” by Bon-Bon Blanco (eps 169-206)
OP5: 5: “Kokoro no Chizu (ココロのちず)” by BOYSTYLE (eps 207-263)
OP6: 6: “Brand New World” by D-51 (eps 264-278)
OP7: 7: “We Are! (ウィーアー! 〜7人の麦わら海賊団篇〜)” by the Straw Hat Pirates (eps 279-283)
OP8: 8: “Crazy Rainbow” by Tackey & Tsubasa (eps 284-325)
OP9: 9: “Jungle P” by 5050 (eps 326-372)
OP10: 10: “We Are (ウィーアー! 〜10周年Ver.〜)” by TVXQ (eps 373-394)
OP11: 11: “Share the World” by TVXQ (eps 395-425)
OP12: 12: “Kaze wo Sagashite (風をさがして)” by Straw Hat Crew and Mari Yaguchi (eps 426-458)
OP13: 13: “One Day” by The Rootless (eps 459-491)
OP14: 14: “Fight Together” by Namie Amuro (eps 493-516)
OP15: 15: “We go! (ウィーゴー!)” by Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 517-541,543-589)
OP16: 16: “Hands Up!” by Kouta Shinzato (eps 591-628)
OP17: 17: “Wake up!” by AAA (eps 629-686)
OP18: 18: “Hard Knock Days” by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE (eps 687-746)
OP19: 19: “We can! (ウィーキャン!)” by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 747-806)
OP20: 20: “Hope” by Namie Amuro (eps 807-855)
OP21: 21: “Super Powers” by V6 (eps 856-891)
OP22: 22: “OVER THE TOP” by Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 892-934)
OP23: 23: “DREAMIN’ ON” by Da-iCE (eps 935-1004)
OP24: 24: “PAINT” by I Don’t Like Mondays. (eps 1005-1027,1031-1073)
OP25: 25: “Saikou Toutatsuten (最高到達点)” by SEKAI NO OWARI (eps (eps 1074-????))

ED1: 1: “memories” by Maki Otsuki (eps 1-30,808,968)
ED2: 2: “RUN! RUN! RUN!” by Maki Otsuki (eps 31-63)
ED3: 3: “Watashi ga iru Yo (私がいるよ)” by TOMATO CUBE (eps 64-73)
ED4: 4: “Souchinosuke (しょうちのすけ)” by Suitei-Shoujo (eps 74-81)
ED5: 5: “BEFORE DAWN” by AI-SACHI (eps 82-94)
ED6: 6: “fish” by The Kaleidoscope (eps 95-106)
ED7: 7: “GLORY -Kimi ga iru Kara- (GLORY-君がいるから-)” by Takako Uehara (eps 107-118)
ED8: 8: “Shining ray” by Janne da Arc (eps 119-127,129-132)
ED9: 9: “Family” by the Straw Hat Pirates (eps 128)
ED10: 10: “Free Will” by Ruppina (eps 133-156)
ED11: 11: “FAITH” by Ruppina (eps 157-168)
ED12: 12: “A to Z ~One Piece Edition~ (A to Z〜ONE PIECE Edition〜)” by ZZ (eps 169-181)
ED13: 13: “Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)” by shela (eps 182-195)
ED14: 14: “DREAMSHIP” by Aiko Ikuta (eps 196-206)
ED15: 15: “Mirai Koukai (未来航海)” by Tackey & Tsubasa (eps 207-230)
ED16: 16: “Eternal Pose (エターナルポーズ)” by Asia Engineer (eps 231-245)
ED17: 17: “Dear friends” by TRIPLANE (eps 246-255)
ED18: 18: “Asu wa Kurukara (明日は来るから)” by TVXQ (eps 256-263)
ED19: 19: “ADVENTURE WORLD” by Delicatessen (eps 264-278)
ED20: 20: “One Day” by The Rootless (eps 492)
ED21: 21: “We go! (ウィーゴー!)” by Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 542,590)
ED22: 22: “Raise” by Chilli Beans (eps (eps 1071-????))

Episode List

1: I’m Luffy! The Man Who’s Gonna Be King of the Pirates!
2: Enter the Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!
3: Morgan versus Luffy! Who’s the Mysterious Pretty Girl?
4: Luffy’s Past! Enter Red-Haired Shanks!
5: A Terrifying Mysterious Power! Captain Buggy, the Clown Pirate!
6: Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy!
7: Epic Showdown! Swordsman Zoro vs. Acrobat Cabaji!
8: Who is the Victor? Devil Fruit Power Showdown!
9: The Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp!
10: The Weirdest Guy Ever! Jango the Hypnotist!
11: Expose the Plot! Pirate Butler, Captain Kuro!
12: Clash with the Black Cat Pirates! The Great Battle on the Slope!
13: The Terrifying Duo! Meowban Brothers vs. Zoro!
14: Luffy Back in Action! Miss Kaya’s Desperate Resistance!
15: Beat Kuro! Usopp the Man’s Tearful Resolve!
16: Protect Kaya! The Usopp Pirates’ Great Efforts!
17: Angry Explosion! Kuro vs. Luffy! How it Ends!
18: You’re the Weird Creature! Gaimon and His Strange Friends!
19: The Three-Sword Style’s Past! Zoro and Kuina’s Vow!
20: Famous Cook! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant!
21: Unwelcome Customer! Sanji’s Food and Gin’s Debt!
22: The Strongest Pirate Fleet! Commodore Don Krieg!
23: Protect Baratie! The Great Pirate, Red Foot Zeff!
24: Hawk-Eye Mihawk! The Great Swordsman Zoro Falls At Sea!
25: The Deadly Foot Technique Bursts Forth! Sanji vs. The Invincible Pearl!
26: Zeff and Sanji’s Dream! The Illusory All Blue!
27: Cool-headed, Cold-hearted Demon! Pirate Fleet Chief Commander Gin!
28: I Won’t Die! Fierce Battle, Luffy vs. Krieg!
29: The Conclusion of the Deadly Battle! A Spear of Blind Determination!
30: Set Sail! The Seafaring Cook Sets off With Luffy!
31: The Worst Man in the Eastern Seas! Fishman Pirate Arlong!
32: Witch of Cocoyashi Village! Arlong’s Female Leader!
33: Usopp Dead?! When is Luffy Going to Make Landfall?!
34: Everyone’s Gathered! Usopp Speaks the Truth About Nami!
35: Untold Past! Female Warrior Bellemere!
36: Survive! Mother Bellemere and Nami’s Bond!
37: Luffy Rises! Result of the Broken Promise!
38: Luffy in Big Trouble! Fishmen vs. the Luffy Pirates!
39: Luffy Submerged! Zoro vs. Hatchan the Octopus!
40: Proud Warriors! Sanji and Usopp’s Fierce Battles!
41: Luffy at Full Power! Nami’s Determination and the Straw Hat!
42: Explosion! Fishman Arlong’s Fierce Assault From the Sea!
43: End of the Fishman Empire! Nami’s My Friend!
44: Setting Out with a Smile! Farewell, Hometown Cocoyashi Village!
45: Bounty! Straw Hat Luffy Becomes Known to the World!
46: Chase Straw Hat! Little Buggy’s Big Adventure!
47: The Wait is Over! The Return of Captain Buggy!
48: The Town of the Beginning and the End! Landfall at Logue Town!
49: Kitetsu III and Yubashiri! Zoro’s New Swords and the Woman Sergeant Major!
50: Usopp vs. Daddy the Parent! Showdown at High!
51: Fiery Cooking Battle? Sanji vs. the Beautiful Chef!
52: Buggy’s Revenge! The Man Who Smiles On the Execution Platform!
53: The Legend Has Started! Head for the Grand Line!
54: Precursor to a New Adventure! Apis, a Mysterious Girl!
55: Miraculous Creature! Apis’ Secret and the Legendary Island!
56: Eric Attacks! Great Escape from Warship Island!
57: A Solitary Island in the Distant Sea! The Legendary Lost Island!
58: Showdown in the Ruins! Tense Zoro vs. Eric!
59: Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Commodore Nelson’s Secret Strategy!
60: Through the Sky They Soar! The 1000 Year Legend Lives Again!
61: An Angry Showdown! Cross the Red Line!
62: The First Line of Defense? The Giant Whale Laboon Appears!
63: A Promise Between Men! Luffy and the Whale Vow to Meet Again!
64: A Town that Welcomes Pirates? Setting Foot on Whisky Peak!
65: Explosion! The Three Swords Style! Zoro vs. Baroque Works!
66: All Out Battle! Luffy vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel!
67: Deliver Princess Vivi! The Luffy Pirates Set Sail!
68: Try Hard, Coby! Coby and Helmeppo’s Struggles in the Marines!
69: Coby and Helmeppo’s Resolve! Vice-Admiral Garp’s Parental Affection!
70: An Ancient Island! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden!
71: Huge Duel! The Giants Dorry and Brogy!
72: Luffy Gets Angry! A Dirty Trick Violates the Sacred Duel!
73: Broggy’s Bitter Tears of Victory! The Conclusion of Elbaf!
74: The Devilish Candle! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger!
75: A Hex on Luffy! Colors Trap!
76: Time to Fight Back! Usopp’s Quick Thinking and Fire Star!
77: Farewell Giant Island! Head for Alabasta!
78: Nami’s Sick? Beyond the Snow Falling on the Sea!
79: A Raid! The Bliking and Blik Wapol!
80: An Island without Doctors? Adventure in a Nameless Land!
81: Are You Happy? The Doctor Called Witch!
82: Dalton’s Resolve! Wapol’s Corps Lands on the Island!
83: The Island Where Snow Lives! Climb the Drum Rockies!
84: Blue-nosed Reindeer! Chopper’s Secret!
85: An Outcast’s Dream! Hiluluk the Quack!
86: Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms and the Will that Gets Carried On!
87: Fight Wapol’s Crew! The Power of the Munch Munch Fruit!
88: Zoan-type Devil Fruit! Chopper’s Seven-form Transformation!
89: When the Kingdom’s Rule Ends! The Flag of Faith Flies Forever!
90: Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms! Miracle in the Drum Rockies!
91: Goodbye Drum Island! I’m Going Out to Sea!
92: Alabasta’s Hero and a Ballerina on the Ship!
93: Off to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-Summing Powder and the Rebel Army!
94: The Reunion of Heroes! His Name is Fire Fist Ace!
95: Ace and Luffy! Hot Emotions and Brotherly Bonds!
96: Erumalu, the City of Green and the Kung Fu Dugongs!
97: Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Monsters that Live in the Scorching Land!
98: Enter the Desert Pirates! The Men Who Live Freely!
99: False Fortitude! Camu, Rebel Soldier at Heart!
100: Rebel Warrior Kohza! The Dream Vowed to Vivi!


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