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Emperor Pilaf finally has his hands on the Black Star Dragon Balls after years of searching, which are said to be twice as powerful as Earth's normal ones. Pilaf is about to make his wish for world domination when he is interrupted by Gokuu Son. As a result, Pilaf flubs his wish and accidentally turns Gokuu back into a child. After the wish is granted, the Black Star Dragon Balls scatter across the galaxy. However, Gokuu discovers that they will cause the Earth to explode unless they are all brought back within a year. Uniting with his granddaughter Pan and a young adult Trunks, Gokuu sets off on an adventure through the universe to find the Black Star Dragon Balls and save his planet from destruction. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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English: Dragon Ball GT
Japanese: ドラゴンボールGT
Synonyms: Dragonball GT, DBGT
Type: TV
Episodes: 64
Status: Completed
Aired: Feb 7, 1996 to Nov 19, 1997
Season: winter
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 19:00 (JST)
Producers: Fuji TV
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Toei Animation
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Themes: Martial Arts, Super Power
Demographics: Shounen
Duration: 24 min per ep
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080p
Type: Dual Audio, BD


Cook, Justin – Producer
Watson, Barry – Producer
Kasai, Osamu – Director
Hashimoto, Mitsuo – Episode Director
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Theme Songs

OP1: “DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete ku” by Field of View

ED1: 1: “Hitori Ja Nai” by Deen (eps 1-26)
ED2: 2: “Don’t you see!” by Zard (eps 27-41)
ED3: 3: “Blue Velvet” by Shizuka Kudou (eps 42-50)
ED4: 4: “Sabitsuita Machine Gun de Ima wo Uchinukou” by Wands (eps 51-63)
ED5: 5: “DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete ku” by Field of View (eps 64)

Episode List

1: The Mysterious Dragon Balls Activate!! Son Goku Becomes A Child!?
2: I’ll Take the Lead! Pan Flies Into Space!!
3: The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet Of Merchants
4: Wanted!! Desperado Son Goku!?
5: Check It Out, A Tough Guy!! Ledgic, the Body Guard
6: Hurts, Don’t It!? Son Goku The Dentist
7: Honey Dearest!? Trunks the Bride
8: Even Son Goku Gets Knocked About!! Whisker Power at the MAX
9: No!! Son Goku Leaps Into The Planet of Traps!?
10: Dance Attack!? Boom-shakalaka!!
11: Luud’s Curse!? Pan Becomes A Doll
12: The God’s Oracle Is A Serious Issue!! Luud Starts Up
13: Like Father and Son?! The Mysterious Scientist Myuu
14: Catch the Rhythm!? Capture Luud!!
15: That’s Just Great!! Pan Runs Away!?
16: Machine Planet M2… Giru The Backstabber!?
17: Leave It To Pan!! The Son Goku Rescue Plan!!
18: Ya’ Data’s Flawed!! Son Goku’s True Determination
19: The Strongest Mutant, Rilldo Takes To The Field!!
20: Taken by Surprise!! Son Goku’s Attacked By a Metal Storm
21: What’s goin’ on!! Son Goku is Turned to Metal
22: A Violent Ambition!! The Evil Life-form ‘Baby’ Is Born
23: A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked Ship and Mysterious Boy
24: Baby Strikes Back!! Target: The Saiyan!!
25: Big Trouble!! Baby Has Appeared on Earth
26: Gohan and Goten… The Worst Brotherly Spat!?
27: Ambitions Achieved!? Vegeta Possessed
28: Son Goku Returns… ‘Is The Whole Earth Against Me!?’
29: The Situation is Even Worse!? Super Saiyan 3 Fails!!
30: Goku, Dead!? ‘I Bit the Dust.’
31: Even More Surprises!? Suguro-space Caves In
32: Goku Is Back!! The Enraged Warrior Uub
33: Take This, Baby! Newfound Majuub’s Killing Light Ray!!
34: The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Son Goku’s Rampage!
35: The Strongest Form! Son Goku Becomes A Super Saiyan 4!!
36: Immortal Beast!? The Atrocious Giant Ape Baby
37: What a Turnout!! Baby and Son Goku — Double KO!!
38: The Revival Of Super Saiyan 4 With Everyone’s Powers…
39: The Finale! At Last, Bebi Is Annihilated
40: Earth Explodes!! Piccolo’s Grave Decision
41: The Number One Under The Sun Tournament. Who Will Be Satan’s Successor?
42: Die, Goku!! The Revived Villains Escape From Hell
43: The Villains Of Hell!! The Revival of Cell and Frieza
44: The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite
45: Hurry, Goku!! The Plan to Escape From Hell
46: They Clash!! Super Saiyan Goku 4 VS Super #17
47: A Grand Turnabout! Goku’s and #18’s Combo Attack Explodes
48: A Shocking Surprise! Shenron Is Our Enemy?!
49: The Strongest Enemy!? The Fearsome Underhanded Dragon
50: Down Goes Saiya-Power!? Electro-Dragon Wu Xing Long
51: Liu Xing Long! Find The Big Tornado Attack’s Weak Point
52: Look Out, Pan! Possessed By Qi Xing Long
53: Pan Dies!? A Tearful 10-Fold Kamehameha
54: 6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Warrior of the Sun
55: Bulma’s On the Job! The Vegeta-Remodeling Plan
56: After the Sun Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers
57: An Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ringleader of the Evil Dragons
58: Time to Strike Back! Surpassing Super Saiyan 4
59: Friend Or Foe?… Giant Ape Vegeta on the Rampage
60: Fu–sion!! The Ultimate Super Gogeta
61: I won’t lose!! Goku Swallows the Si Xing Qiu
62: Rescue Goku!! The Last Ally Enters the Fray
63: A Miraculous Come-From-Behind Victory!! Goku Saves The Universe
64: Goodbye, Goku… ‘Till the Day We Meet Again


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